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 Pickering Mitsubishi Presents All-Wheel Control in Ontario



All Wheel Control (AWC) is Mitsubishi's brand name for our renown four-wheel drive system. We first incorporated this system in the 2001 Lancer Evolution VII. Following the success and technology advancements we developed S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control), which was created specifically for the 2007 Lancer Evolution. Today you can find AWC and S-AWC in a number of our Mitsubishi models.


 Understanding All-Wheel Control With Pickering Mitsubishi in Ontario




All-Wheel Control improves safety, handling, and performance on wet, slick and dry surfaces to provide superior driving experience. Electronically controlled differentials work seamlessly to distribute power between the front and rear wheels as wheel slippage is detected by a complex network of throttle and wheel speed sensors.


Safety technologies and systems can broadly be broken into Passive Safety and Active Safety. Passive Safety refers to elements of the vehicle that help to protect occupants during a crash such as:


  • 4 Mitsubishi Motors' Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution
  • (RISE) unibody
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 4 Airbags
  • 4 Safety glass


Active Safety is generally used to refer to technologies that assist in the prevention of a collision. This includes technologies such as:


  • 4 Four Wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • 4 Brake Assist System and Brake Override System (BAS, BOS)
  • 4 Active Stability Control (ASC)
  • 4 Traction Control (TCL)
  • 4 All-Wheel-Control (AWC)


AWC isn't one technology but rather a suite of technologies designed to provide different levels of performance advantages, depending on the vehicle and the segment in which it competes. With four distinct All-Wheel Control systems, we're the recognized leader in the development of advanced all-wheel drive technologies.


For more information about our Mitsubishi AWC, contact Pickering Mitsubishi today.




Pickering Mitsubishi All-Wheel Control Models in Ontario




2017 Lancer2017 Lancer Sportback2017 RVR2017 Outlander
LancerLancer SportbackRVROutlander

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Pickering Mitsubishi All-Wheel Control Settings in Ontario



3 Settings of All-Wheel Control:


2WD - For efficient driving on normal dry city roads & freeways.

4WD AUTO - For enhanced traction, high speed stability & predictable handling.

4WD LOCK - For driving in slippery conditions such as snow-covered roads or sand. Also for when slipping is anticipated & maximum traction is required.


Super All-Wheel Control enhances our AWC technology with the addition of torque vectoring capabilities.





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